It’s always right to emulate other people’s principles,virtues and the best of their hard work to put into practice. This can only be applicable to intellectuals whose psyche is sober. In our own motherland, we undego several circumstances which may result to issues facing us as citizens.

In Africa, people suffer because of lack of knowledge.  It’s not a crime to criticise the bad governance of our own leaders whom we elect every term to the parliament. The silence of good men takes us a century to realize that only vices are being worshipped every day by the radical leaders.

In the United States of America, leadership is splendid. This is due to leaders using their high moral and ethical standards and integrity in handling issues concerning leadership roles. In other continents competence is justified. This is because the silence of good men is no longer there where rules, laws, and regulations are strictly abided by the elected members. This leads to quality leadership in governance hence promotes good relationship between the citizens and the government.

If the leaders value citizens as part of them then actually Africa we would be celebrated and recognized by  other continents as  the continent of vision. Africa is recognised mostly by other continents in vices like corruption. In our motherland, we have precious mineral resources like gold, copper, soda ash, limestone, oil among others. Besides bad influence of radical leaders, we stand to be the most treasured continent among other continents in the world due to availability of raw materials.

In my own psychological perspective, Africa is the best place in the world because we are blessed with a lot of natural resources that are raw materials to finished products. I love my own home country because a lot of surplus has been invested by multinational countries. Their investments to our country is making Kenya to develop tremendously to greater heights.

Personally, I usually dream of Kenya becoming the best in the continent in telecommunication, infrastructure,industrialization, sports, trade, security affairs, technological arena, scientific research field among other things that promote good relationship between Kenya and outside world. For instance, Kenya currently tops in sports that is in athletics and rugby. This developments have made Kenya to be known not only in Africa but also in other continents.

Africa would go to greater heights in terms of achievements if the silence of good men is cut off. This can only be justified through acquiring high level of knowledge and skills to be applied in any sector of challenge. Without knowledge, nobody can be in a position to define and differentiate the good and bad in the society.




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Africa comprises of fifty-five member countries. Majority of people living in Africa are the pure Africans and minority who are the white men. Each of the member country has got its own governance. They acquired independence and self-rule during colonial era.

Though being independent, the radical leaders have arisen from various parts of Africa who have brought out many changes. Majority of the ruling leaders have influenced citizens in a positive perspective and others negatively.

The vices that arise from majority leaders include, incompetence, dictatorship, poor governance and oppression.



Africa is rich in valuable mineral resources in many  African countries that can be used as raw materials in industries to produce finished products. The leadership in most African countries is hereditary. There are only two tribes in many countries, those are the rich and the poor. The rich oppress the poor because the rich has total power over the less fortunate in the society.

The poor are mistreated in various ways such as imposing forced labour to them, paying high taxes to the government and introducing high level education where the poor are denied education. The learning institutions are only found in urban centers while rural areas have less schools.

The leaders are incompetent in their reign because they are ignorant to follow their constitutions. They use authoritarian  leadership where the duties and decisions made are dictated. Because of the silence of good men, citizens go through suffering and perseverance. Africa is led by leaders who are incompetent and exercises dictatorship to those citizens who are patriotic to their country.

Africa can produce a lot of mineral resources provided that the leaders put in more concern in mining and industrial sector. This could aid in the advancement of technology, infrastructure that is communication and transport networks,and urbanization. But this turns up to be totally different as leaders are corrupt. They find it difficult to exercise good leadership because they are corrupt. They allow social injustices to occur and they have no option to practice democracy. This injustices include bribery, cheating in business, forced labor, inequality in terms of distribution of resources poor governance in courts and ruling.

If African leaders could change their leadership roles from oppression to good governance, Africa will have a positive impact on the African economy and  this will lead to good relation and diplomacy with other continents of the world. The silence of good men is the commencement and continuing of bad governance.